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abbiamo registrato delle versioni audio di fantastiche storie della buonanotte, che potrete ascoltare insieme a vostro figlio/a seguendo con una copia del libro. Sarebbe meraviglioso se voi genitori leggiate insieme ai vostri figli.

Gentilmente chiedete la copia del libro da portare a casa in reception quando venite a scuola, in modo tale da poter seguire insieme ai vostri figli.

This time Boy finds an aeroplane in the cupboard and decides to give it a ride.

Discover how this helps him make friends with an alien on the Moon.

Ages 5 - 8

Once there as a boy and the boy loved stars very much! He wished to catch a star and have the star become his friend!

Read along with us and discover how the boy who loved stars decided to catch one!

Ages 5 - 8


How to Catch a Star Audio

Come along and join in the fun at Frankie’s sleepover! Three llamas spend the night at a friend’s house and the adventures begin…

Read this great children’s bedtime story with us to find out what happens next!

Ages 5-8

Llamas in Pyjamas

Join us for a sweet, classic bedtime story & practice counting from 1-10.

Counting Sheep and Little Bo Peep are waiting for you!

Ages 0-6

Counting Sheep

The possibilites are endless with a box.

Put on your protective glasses and Join our intrepid traveller on his journey in a box.

Ages 4 - 10